About us

Our strengths

We are a young company that has its roots in the past, we offer a complete service to all our customers: from the formulation of the estimate in a very short time to technical support up to delivery; speed, efficiency and reliability distinguish us from the competition. Our highly specialized sales representatives travel throughout Italy and also abroad for any technical and commercial need. We are always in constant evolution, all our collaborators constantly work to achieve the highest quality standard. Our aim is total customer satisfaction, from all points of view. We love our work and our company, which is why Rulligrafica always points to innovation and the best possible result, continuously investing in the research and development of new raw materials, newly designed machinery and staff training.

Our Story

Passion and professionalism

Rulligrafica was founded in 1936 by the Levati family and over time has built over 80 years of experience in the field of roller coating. We are at the end of the 1930s when the first Rulligrafica headquarters was established in Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan; in this period the first knowledge in the typographic and lithographic printing sector was developed. Subsequently, the headquarters were first moved to Piazzale Coriolano and during the early 1980s to Settimo Milanese, and then in 2007 definitively settled in the current headquarters in Cornaredo when Rulligrafica was taken over by the Marino family, who renewed with great passion and dedication the machine park and develops the research laboratory for raw materials in collaboration with all its suppliers; thanks to these innovations we can serve all industrial sectors such as: printing, paper, wood, food, pharmaceutical, textile, plastics and metalworking.

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